Uterus Sensations

Has anyone had any experience/felt implantation cramping? I am 5 days post insemination (had an IUI) and currently experiencing twinges, mild dull cramps, and a slight burny sensation in my uterus. I've never come anywhere close to a positive pregnancy test and didn't know if anyone had any insight/experience regarding these sensations and how it worked out. I refuse to test until next week when the doctor told me too. This feels different to me and like my body knows something is happening, but I can't tell if that's wishful thinking or not...
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Hi! I’ve definitely experienced the twinges and dull cramps. Sometimes I’ve felt almost a tugging sensation. I have felt it during cycles that turned out negative, but I do think I felt it more during my last cycle, in which I did get pregnant, but it unfortunately ended in a chemical pregnancy. I hope yours is a sign of something great!

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