It happened!😃

After 3-4 years and trying SO many treatments, meds, and holistic strategies ( as many of you can relate ), I’m finally pregnant. Odd how my emotions were not what I was expecting at first, but after journaling and getting quiet time to research, I’m starting to feel excited and nervous as hell. It’s so funny how people tell you when TTC to “just relax”, well that was Not the answer for me. It was get completely stressed out with breast biopsy, worry about cancer, partner go on a trip and leave all the chores and animals to me, drink too much at a wedding and die of shame and guilt for a week, fight and lose temper with the teenage stepson, get so fed up that you give your ring back to husband in a icky fight, oh and definitely give in to the ttc and picture a life and projects without a baby. Then, and only then do I get a positive pregnancy test. Wow. Honestly, the main switch though was getting spiritually reconnected. I saw a psychic and it was more helpful and immediate results than any doctor or treatment. She saw my blockage ( past trauma of ectopic pregnancy when I was 20). We spoke to it, and weeks later- BFP
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Congratulations 🥳

Congratulations 🎊🎊👏

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