LOVE THIS❤️What do admire most about your mamas?🤗
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The unconditional love that I never noticed until I became a mom myself

My mom got lupus and other problems when I was in elementary school she had to go on disability my step dad did not treat her very well even though she has literally done everything for him and his son I remember she would be in bed for 3 days straight cause 3 days ago she was cleaning the kitsch and scrubbing the carpets go get stain out which ended up making her pretty much a crippled. I loved that she alway tried to help people out even though they obviously did deserve it. She has been through hell and back and still looks at every day especially since now she’s so sick that she has to stay with her parents. If anybody else was in her position I feel like they would be so depressed they wouldn’t even want to move but not her she’s still a very happy person and she try’s and make every day a blessed day😌

How kind, loving, creative, and beautiful she is. My momma is my rock and I have no idea what I’d do without her especially now. I’m pregnant with my first baby and she has been gem. 💖

Great question! She gave up her career to be home with her 6 children and poured her whole life into us. She homeschooled and invested all her time making us into responsible, independent, loving people. When she died at 54 she had little to no regrets. She may be gone for 9 years now but her legacy lives on through us. 5/6 have graduated college producing an accountant, Chick-fil-A manager, icu nurse, State Farm agent/violinist/ composer, Publix manager and computer programmer...I mean what else can you say?

How strong she was and how she always always made sure we knew we were loved

Her generousity, i have never ever seen a more giving person. I hope one day i can be half the woman she is.❤️

Definitely her strength. I look up to her in so many ways, I hate how mean I used to be with her and ever since I got pregnant I feel like we connected on a whole other level. I love her so much.

Honest,great personality and a good person:) I love hanging w my mom ecsp now that I'm a mommy/have a daughter

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