How much weight did you gain?

Hey everyone. I’m just curious to learn how much weight people gained during pregnancy. I was overweight to start with and I’m now 16 weeks. Just concerned about gaining any risks! Thank you in advance x
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I gained 80lbs

I started at 50kgs when I got pregnant and now weight 75 so have put on 55pounds! Almost half my original weight. I've just hit 40 weeks but trying not to stress about it. I know it will all come off in time and we need to be kind to ourselves, we've just grown a whole human!

Thanks everyone xx

I’m 38 +5 my whole pregnancy I would gain 5 pounds and 2 weeks later when I go to the doctor I would lose it I been like that my whole pregnancy I would gain and lose everybody bodies are different

I gained 40lbs. Started at 127 and went up to 169. I’m 7 weeks postpartum and I’m at 142 now

I’m currently 35 weeks and I’ve gain about 40lbs but honestly don’t feel overweight at all. Most of my weight gained happened end of second trimester but l haven’t had any risks or been put on high risk category. I think it depends person to person!

I gained 30 pounds. Before pregnancy I was 165. When I gave birth 3 weeks ago I was 196. Now I’m 176

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