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Mamas, please share your 3.5 year old's sleep schedules! If they take a nap, what time and for how long? We're seriously struggling with our little guy!
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My daughter is 4 and at times is asleep between 8pm and 9:30pm, other times its 10-10:30pm (irritates me, especially when I have to be up at 5am on days I work)... As for naps, she either takes them at school or she doesn't really take them at all... She has tried going to nap after 3pm and I try to stop her (hard to do when driving lol)

@Arin yep and what works for 2 months might not work for the third month lol

@Jess anytime! Toddlers are tricky! 🤪

@Arin yes I couldn't agree more. We just started implementing "quiet time" this week and he's really thriving with it. Thanks for your advice!

@Jess Sometimes it’s just a matter of telling them it’s quiet time. “You don’t have to sleep but you can play a quiet game or read/look at books while you rest for an hour.” It gives them the opportunity to rest. My girl will keep going if I don’t make the time for her to rest. Then she gets the zoomies and she’s grouchy.

Our twins’ bedtime is 7pm, they wake around 6:30am and get up at 7am. No more naps but they have "quiet time" where they can read in bed or just play in their room from 3-4pm.

@Arin thank you this is helpful! It sounds like she sleeps more than my little guy!

Ours is a little odd because I have a business I run but it works for us mostly. She usually wakes between 6:30-7, nap between 1:30-3 (depending on the day) she naps about two hours, sometimes shorter if there were interruptions, and if the nap was short we do an 8 bedtime if it was longer and later we do a 8:45-9 bedtime. She definitely requires less nighttime sleep. I have seen kiddos around this age who don’t nap during the day but sleep 12 hours at night.

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