Cordless wearable pumps

Does anyone have any good recommendations on wearable pumps? Last time I was feeding my pumping dropped off because it was so inconvenient during work! Hopping this might help when I get too busy
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Hi, if you are interested I have a double pump from Milkbar which is a NZ brand. It’s very soft & the station is rechargeable, I used it with a bra, so it was hands free - but the station isn’t something you can clip on. You would need to place it next to you. I used it when I was in hospital for three days when I had my shoulder replaced when bub was 7 weeks old. Other than that, I didn’t use it. For the first bub I had a medela double swing, I way preferred the Milkbar as it’s rechargeable.

It’s called the Advanced Flow Double Electric Breastpump if you want to research it. I had it advertised on marketplace, but fb bumped it off because it’s a breast pump 🙄

Highly recommend the Elvie pump Leaps ahead of any other I have tried

I have the Eonian (the US version is a baby buddha) and use the Youha wearable collection cups. The pump is pretty strong and I still only use it on the first level (7 months of sporadic pumping)

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