Is it a good time to inseminate?

Hey all! So, we are looking to inseminate with sperm donor tomorrow morning, with my premom app and ovy app saying I have a high chance to get pregnant. Ovulation is meant to occur on Wednesday (in 4 day, will be 3 from tomorrow) so my question is, would it be too soon? Unfortunately our donor isn't available any other day but tomorrow. I really hope this happens for us this month, but I'm a little worried it's too soon to do it and it's again a shot in the dark. Thoughts? P.s. I do think my ovulation will happen sooner then my apps predict, as I'm getting all hot and bothered 😅
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What is ur cervical mucus looking like? I would go off that more than an app. You don't want to only inseminate on the day you are ovulating coz the window is so small the sperm might not have time to get to the egg. A few days before is good, well that's always been good for me anyway. Good luck If it's the only day it can't hurt to try.

You should use ovulation predictor kits too so it can help guide you as well with you cervical mucus n bbt. I used a donor when I got pregnant last year, and I was inseminated the day before, day of, n after.

Using clearblue ovulation kit, and having flashing smiley faces at the moment.

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