Terrible Twos Grrr

My twins are now 2.5 years old. And these last 12 months have been an absolute nightmare. The latest in the saga is nursery have complained they are now hitting / lashing out at staff. I'm so embarrassed. We've tried everything in terms of discipling from validating feelings to time outs. I've totally run out of ideas. When one starts, the other one copies. I'm now avoiding going out because It's so much hard work when they tantrum outside in public. Could really do with some helpful advice.
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Omg in so glad to see this post because we have been going through the same. Nursery complained they were hitting staff and every other day we were signing incident forms. My twins have just turned 3 and I can honestly say things seem a bit better now, especially since one of them has developed so much emotionally. At the time, the nursery staff were quite supportive in that they had tactics they recommended. And we would then copy these tactics at home regards to discipline to make sure things were consistent. Happy to have a chat and discuss horror stories. We have just started discussing trialling supermarkets again. Feeling anxious.

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