Over stimulation

How do you handle over stimulation from your kids without getting upset ?
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Def ear sometimes

I walk away and give them an activity to do while I take at least 5 min to myself with headphones on

@Yahyah he’s been teething and it’s the effin worst

@Shyla Stangle 🤣

@Yahyah mines a 4 month old little demon spawn

@Shyla Stangle don’t even get me started the constant talking and touching and calling my name it’s like stfu omg that gentle parenting don’t work

@Yahyah oh yes sometimes this kid just gets under my skin ya know and I love him whole heartedly but damn is he his dads son 🙄

@Shyla Stangle I understand sometimes I have to walk away

@Yahyah ya it’s super hard not to lose my shit sometimes

Whew and I understand

I don’t exactly have an outlet living with husbands Parents 😬

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