3year old won't sleep by himself

My 3year won't sleep by himself, it's him with us or his older brother. I feel like I'm the only one who has this problem and I don't know how to get him in his own bed. He would be sharing rooms with his baby brother,who loves sleeping by himself with the lights off but this 3year old of my noo way. The lights needs to be little on ,so I'm don't know what to do because getting him to sleep in his bed with ruin his baby brother sleep patterns you know. So I don't know if it's worth it or not:/ What should I do??
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We have a very unconventional setup in our house. My 3 year old daughter and I share a room, dad gets his own room, and my twins have another. We do it this way because my husband likes it dark in silent when he sleeps, and I love to go to sleep with the TV on. He also gets up way too early for my taste. I’m just pointing this out to say I feel everyone should do what works best for their family! My daughter will one day probably say she wants her own room, and then my husband and I will have to learn how to adapt to each others styles and compromise.

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