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Heyy guys ! So I just had my daughter May 9th and she breastfed after being born . The doctor and nurses all said she has an amazing latch and sucks very nicely . But since I’ve been home , she hasn’t been latching on at all . And today she did want to be on my boobs at all and would just get more upset when I tried to breastfeed her so I gave her a bottle instead . The thing is she’ll try to find my boobs and suck on my shoulder or my husbands neck . So I’ll try to put her on my boob again but she starts to scream and cry .. I don’t know what to do and my boobs are now filled with milk so they are hard and sore and I don’t have a breast pump yet 😭 can anyone help me out ?? I’ve cried and just want to keep crying I’m so lost . I bottle fed my 1st child so I never had this problem
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Most hospitals have lactation consultants and all insurance (i think) is required to cover lactation related services. Also La Leche League has free meetings with lactation consultants and other moms in every city that i recommend. Also, try getting a Haakaa hand pump on amazon, $13 and it works on suction and just collects your breast milk so in a pinch you could bottle feed your breast milk. But seriously try la leche league first, you’ll get there it just takes persistence some times for her with that latch! Ps., my latch problem was that i wasn’t shoving her face onto my nipple firmly enough. I was too timid!

You don’t need a pump to get your milk into a bottle you can express with your hands , my ten week old does this every day she cries when I offer but also looks for it I usually offer when she’s in a good mood , and like others said I squeeze and make sure I have milk in the tip so she tastes the milk

Try breastfeeding in the bath. The hot water helped with let down and the more relaxed I was the more relaxed my daughter was.

Maybe because you are so engorged, she is having a hard time latching. Hand express some milk to soften them up. Do skin to skin to encourage her to latch.

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Yes! My 2 month old daughter is the same way.

Do you have a nipple guard ?? She may need something bigger to latch on. My twins did that an it was rough but you just have to stay consistent girl ! You can do this ❤️ even if you walk with her an try to calm her while trying to get her to latch.

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Try putting some of the formula on ur boob. I also had todo that and it worked with one of my twins. 🤷🏻‍♀️ hope it helps !

They said I had nice big nipples and that’s why she is able to latch good . She just doesn’t want to anymore but She’ll down her formula

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