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My toddler is nightmare to leave home with

So my 2 year old has fought me all fall to wear a jacket n shoes but now that it's winter and freezing it's worse she won't even keep socks on nevermind boots and if I fight her, hold her to get her gear on she takes it off as we're walking out the door or in the car. I'm so tired of feeling like a bad mom everytime we have to go somewhere my kid looks like she's freezing or not dressed appropriately but it's definitely not for lack of effort. I'm due next week and have an older child so I really need her to get on board with me when we're getting ready to go. Any suggestions that you found worked ? Help!
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7 months ago

Same here, it's exhausting. We have tried prompting a lot, trying to let him choose clothes, I also use a treat now and then and sometimes open the door and say 'is it cold out do you think we should wear a jacket?'. I sometimes just bring the jacket with me and out it on outside when he is distracted. Can try a chart at the door so they get a check or sticker when they out their jacket, boots etc on. Good luck!

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I use bribery. If you put on your mitts we can play in the snow for a few minutes, you can have a cookie in the car, etc. Sometimes it works. 🤷

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