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Fellow parents of school cutoff birthdays...

To start kindergarten at 4 or wait a year? Curious what everyone else is doing as I'm trying to time preschool around this decision.
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12 hours ago

My daughter had to go in to the three year old class for Pre-K even though she turns 4 next week. She is absorbing everything so well, I’m going to push for her to advance to kindergarten next August so she’s not doing the same thing all over again. She’s already great at socializing, is potty trained, knows her colors, most of her letters, and is accomplishing numbers and adding already…. I’m really hoping I don’t get any push back or fight from school admin.

last year

I feel like it depends on the kid. I have a brother 1 yr older than me and we started kindergarten together. He was 5, I was 4. It’s bc he wasn’t ready at 4, but I was. I highly doubt my son will be ready next year. But who knows, I’ll have to wait and see!

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