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Changing Powder Formula

How long does it take for a baby to adapt to a new formula? My baby is 1 month. We recently switched to Enfamil Gentlease last Thursday. We want to give him enough time for his tummy to get used to it before deciding if we should switch again. We switched formula because it seems like he’s been struggling to poop. He turns red, farts, pushes, grunts and gets upset during feedings. We think it could be the formula making him struggle to poop. Any advice on what we can do to help him poop. He at least poops once a day.
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4 months ago

Massaging his tummy clockwise helps, it helped out LO. Also, if you gently move his hips around and push his legs up towards his tummy that may help him and hopefully relieve the pressure. A bath helped my son as well as some chilled boiled water. We had to switch our son from NAN Comfort as he was drinking around 20ml and then refusing his bottles. We went to our friends and forgot to bring his formula and my friend offered to let me use some of hers which was Aptimal Gold+ and since then we really haven't had a problem that was due to the formula. All babies are different but I'm not sure of the time frame between letting it settle though x

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