Anyone have tips for nausea?

My pregnancy nausea is terrible. I work full time, 3rd shift at a production plant so I have to stand and walk around for at least 8-10 hrs. Any tips to at least make the pain tolerable? I’ve already taken two days off the past two weeks and can’t really afford to miss too many more.
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Zofran There’s morning sickness lollipops at motherhood maternity

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Yesss!!!! I used those and they work not just that you can go to the doctors and they could prescribe you zofran pills

Tell your ob, I was terribly nauseous my whole first and second trimesters and my ob prescribed to me these little tiny pills that melt on your tongue and they worked magic

I had really mild morning sickness and just drank sparkling water on the worst days. Though I have friends who are bed ridden because of morning sickness. Talk to your dr about medication that will help if you are working but unfortunately you might have it bad enough that you won’t be able to work. Listen to your body!!!

Unisom and B-6. Weird but works miracles! My doc recommended it!

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Yes!!! Even just unisom at night helps me the entire next day 🥰

Thank you all so much! ❤️ I’m going to look into those lollipops. My doctor prescribed me the B6 and I just picked it up. Fingers crossed it will make it tolerable to work!

I , use to eat a lot of green apples or green apple sauce , saltines and ginger ale... That helped me w being nauseous... from time to time I’d occasionally have baby booster shake

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On the days I didn’t want to take my prenatal cause that’s what it is a prenatal shake

Update; I went to get the B6 and it was 250 dollars?! Going back to the doctors on Monday so hopefully they can help me out more. I also got the sea bands and just put them on.

ginger tea did wonders for me. The only downside is it doesn’t taste great :/

You can just buy the vitamin b6 and unisom tabs at somewhere like CVS, it's the cheaper/DIY version of the prescription called Diclegis.

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There’s no positions that sit, but I think I’m going to look around at different jobs

Also, would your work be willing to move you to a position where you can be seated some of the day?

I would suck on a hard candy - I was partial to Jolly Ranchers - but that seemed to help me.

Sour candy!!

Ginger biscuits were the best thing that helped me good luck xx

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