Knot wrap swaddle mums??

I really really want to carry my baby in a knot wrap over me (not whats in the picture thats just for naps) anyone recommend any good ones? Even like some that make it easier to use because i have this huuuuge cloth i got from tkmaxx and it scares me trying to get it on me hes 4 weeks old and im petrified of him falling out but i want to carry him, mainly because cuddles on the go haha.
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I second baby Ktan! I was scared at first about her falling out too, but it’s pretty secure as long as you follow the directions. I watched the YouTube tutorial a few times over, and I got comfortable the more I used the carrier. Now that she’s getting heavier I put her in an infantino backpack-style carrier

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I ended up picking the K’Tan when she was smaller because it’s also Pre-assembled so it’s easier to put on than a traditional wrap imo. Try out different ones though and see which ones work for you! Some places have free baby carrier demos or what I did was go to a BuyBuyBaby store near me to try them in person

I just realized this post was 8 months ago haha so you’re prob good by now 😆 this just popped up in my feed. Hope all is well with you and your little!

Baby Ktans carrier is amazing!


Ideally go to a sling library near you. You can try different ones there, hire them for a few pounds for a week to road test them before committing to one and potentially making an expensive mistake. The wrap/ sling/ carrier you like may change as baby gets older.

I have a hana wrap and love it. It does slip down a lot and I'm not sure whether that's how I'm tying it. I've got a tula but haven't used it yet.

I loved my ringsling & then used a buckle carrier when mine were bigger (Tula, Ergo, etc). The wraps were just to much work on the go for me.

I love my boba wrap! 😍

Wildbird!!! So cute and comfy

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Agreed. Wildbird or Love Held. I have had both. We use slings, wraps and carriers for different reasons. They are all great.

I bought the nesting days wrap shirt and LOVE it, it's a little pricy but worth it if you're planning to baby wear often and having more kids. I liked the Moby also but it does take a bit to get used to. My favorite is just a generic sling that I can tuck him in and go, but it doesn't sound like you're going for something like that.

Y'all are giving me baby fever with all these fat snuggly babies! 😭😭😭😂

I loved my ktaan. It was so easy to use. My 3rd was crazy fussy and I could never put her down. That thing saved my life. When she got a bit bigger it was super easy to breast feed her in it while we were on the go which made life way easier

I have Cuddle bug. Easy and safe

I had a moby wrap and loved it. The newborn hold is perfect and I never worrid about dropping him because you tie it on first and then put the baby in.

We loved the baby Ktan when she was small it’s a wrap like your talking about that doesn’t have a lot of fabric and makes it easier and the Lillebaby when she got older a structured carrier

How about baby carrier? Maybe it’s easier? Could I ask you how these swaddles that is in the pic work for you? I bought a couple for my baby, I am due in 6 days. So haven’t tried them yet xx

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Yeah i found one called kaboo its like a mix of both and this one is called groswaddle, it does all the work for u basically and its not tight or too loose so no worries about damage or uncomfortable positioning and good luck with ur birth! X

Thank you so much! I bought two from mothercare. But looks very similar to yours in the pic. Xx

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