4 years ago

And suddenly I’m a stay at home mom?!

Recently, I’ve realized that I’ve become a stay at home mom and have no idea how that happened?! I had my son almost 4 months ago and it was always my plan to go back to work. But lately my boyfriend has suggested that I hold off and just focus on our son. That seems all wonderful and grand, especially considering he’s happy to take on the financial responsibility. But to be completely honest, it was never something I wanted nor thought it would happen. I loved my job and loved being independent and self sufficient... but what do I do now? Just even saying it out loud makes me feel ungrateful and selfish for wanting to go back to work. I mean, not every mom gets this time with their child - but as all of this is going on, I don’t even recognize myself anymore! Now I don’t know what to do?
And suddenly I’m a stay at home mom?!

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3 years ago

Theres always the opportunity to work from home hun. Theres plenty of companies out there. X

4 years ago

Its going to be diffcult at first if you decide to remain a SAHM! Ive officially become a SAHM those past year since having my second child. With my oldest I worked so much I missed everything first everything steps, word, laugh, favorite food,etc!! I hated myself for that. I've been working since I was 15 so to ever think about stopping wasnt in my vocabulary. Until I got together with my SO now it all changed. I was able to stay home and be more invovled in my daughters life. Havent missed a beat yet. With gods grace I became pregnant! Now I am able to experience everything I missed out on. Your best bet to enjoy it is find hobbies you always wanted to do and remember you can still work from home. Childcare or doing crafts and selling them.

4 years ago

Jealous!!! I’d love to stay home but the grass is always greener isn’t it? You have to do what’s right for you and your family. If you’re not going to be happy home full time then go to work! My daughter is thriving in daycare, I miss her dearly though. If you can work part time that may be the best of both worlds?

4 years ago

I say make the best of both worlds. It’s great to stay home with your little but it’s also great to have your own identity and something to do/have for yourself. Have you thought about working from home?

4 years ago

I just became a sahm on purpose and I’m still feeling just like you.

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