Hey girls! I hopped off this site for a bit and realized you guys were the only ones that understand what it’s like to be mommas and how hard and rewarding it can be. I have a 9 year old and a 2 year old and I am STILL going through Postpartum depression. What are some things that have helped you?
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I admit that with a March 2020 baby I can’t even tell the difference between PPD/PPA and pandemic depression/anxiety. It all rolls into one. I see 2 therapists and a psychiatrist. I try to do 5 minutes of yoga every night. I take an antidepressant and have an anti anxiety for when I can’t cope. I’m trying to take breaks and time for myself. I also have a March 2020 baby and twin stepdaughters who are 12 so baby time became home school time. Sending you good wishes and encouragement to take a time to get help.

I didn’t think I could relate to any post but here I relate heavily. My toddler is now three and my energy levels are near zilch. It’s been hard and I am that person who doesn’t want to look to therapists or medication for help. I have nothing against either. And glad that others find help in them but personally, don’t want to. I’d like to rule out all other things that could possibly help me pull myself out ..anything and everything from cutting out what’s bad for you to being outdoors more to taking Seamoss (which is what I’m currently exploring to help with energy levels) I have not had near by these last three years which contributed to my spiraling ppd. But lately things have been changing. Looking forward to routine is slowly getting me out. Getting more fresh air surrounded with people willing to be there for you has been uplifting for me. Everyone is different so here is my piece on me and my ppd. Still very much taking it a day at a time

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