3 years ago

Have any of you mommas tried hynobirthing?

I did with my last baby and plan to with this one (30 weeks pregnant). Part of me is nervous and the other part excited to see how it compares to my last baby’s birth.
Have any of you mommas tried hynobirthing?

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Alconbury, Cambridgeshire, GB
9 days ago

I did hypnobirth with my first. I plan on doing it again with this pregnancy

San Antonio, Texas, US
1 month ago

Yes I did hypnobirthing classes while I was pregnant with my baby boy

3 months ago

I am a certified hypnobirthing instructor and birthed my 2 last babies with the hypnobirbting methods. I decided to study and teach it to others after having a traumatic first birth and I love to empower women! Hypnobirthing course is great but as many here said: you'll benefit from a support person in labor, whether it be a doula that is familiar with hypnobrithing and can support that, or your partner who will be guiding you and supporting you through labor. I had a few clients who wanted to learn it and came without spouses and often realized during birth that the husband's didn't know what to do and how to support them the way they wanted to be supported !

8 months ago

Stunning photo

8 months ago

I photograph births and see what a difference it makes to the mammas. I wish I'd done that.

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