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  • ENG, GB
  • about 1 year ago

Prince Harry to take Paternity Leave?!👑❤️

Who’s other half is also taking paternity leave? How’s it working out for you? 🙂Would love to hear about your experiences - thanks ladies!😘😘 https://www.popsugar.co.uk/parenting/Prince-Harry-Take-Paternity-Leave-45945610?utm_medium=redirect&utm_campaign=US:GB&utm_source=direct ☝️xo
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  • Elgin, United States
  • about 1 year ago

My husband got 2 weeks paternity (full pay) last time. Next time he’ll get 6!!! Company changed policy & I am so excited!!! Honestly, they should get it. #1 to help you. #2 they are exhausted as well from all that late night crying

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  • about 1 year ago

My husband was off work the first 3 weeks but still went to his college classes most of the time (like 2 hours a day) it was really nice!

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  • NIR, GB
  • about 1 year ago

My partner took 2 weeks off wasnt long enough n my opinion lol next time I'm gonna split mine

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  • Houtzdale, United States
  • about 1 year ago

My boyfriend took 2 weeks off ! It was great!

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