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So im 25 weeks today, and my mom is planning a baby shower for me at the end of june/beginning of july. Its kinda early (im due aug 31st) but i live in florida and my whole family lives in Michigan so id have to fly home and i dont really want to fly too late in my pregnancy. Anyways im going to be using amazon for my registry just because i need all the gifts shipped to my house in florida. Has anyone else ever dealt with a situation like this? Should i make a statement telling people that i need it shipped and not to actually bring anything cause i mean my mom said she would mail stuff that people do end up bringing but it could get expensive depending on gifts i get. Also im a FTM so what are some absolute must haves that you ladies put on your registry??? I basically have nothing and im starting to get stressed out lol so i at least wanna get started on that.
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I did my registry on Amazon and even those that have never used it before were able to figure it out. I would suggest turning off the "contribute" option that's the only thing that confused them.

I would include that on the invitation. Though keep in mind that people will often not even bother to shop off of your registry and will gift you whatever they want. That happened to me big time at my baby shower and I had to exchange and return a lot of things I either didn't want or already had.

I'm a FTM as well but for my nephew she LOVED her baby carrier. When my niece was little she was a big attention hog and she never wanted to be put down. The carrier allowed her to be close to her momma and my sister was still able to get her housework or whatever she needed done.

-Bath items: baby bath, body wash, bath toys, towel, washcloths -Dr. Brown’s bottles are the best -Swaddles that zip up - i found that old fashioned ones didn’t stay put with the baby’s wiggling -Teething toys, the banana toothbrush was my son’s favorite -Diapers! Ask people to give all sizes but be careful of getting really big boxes because baby might outgrow the diapers before you get through a box -Meal delivery subscriptions so you don’t have to cook as much -Boppy pillow if you’ll be nursing

Still my favorite baby product! Sock Ons Classic (6-12 Months), Baby Pink, Baby Pink & Fushcia, 3 Pack https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00C3KHE72/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_NG44Cb3E9MFR2

I'd say gift cards or delivery to Florida on the invite. I would hope people are smart enough not to bring big ticket items knowing that you are not local.

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Everyone knows im not local but i was just like well im not sure if people know how to order stuff from amazon ? Probably just over thinking it🙄😩 but yes gift cards would be good idea also thank you❤️❤️

We did target and were in FL but my family is northern Va, so those who couldn’t come just used targets option to send the gifts to our house, it’s super easy! Amazon is easy too, maybe old people get confused though!

I asked people to bring a book instead of a card:) I made up some rhyme about putting a note in the book so our son can read it when he’s older!

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Thats a great idea ive always been a book worm and definitely wanna get my girl started early😍💕 thank you!!!

My guests also gave my boy a book at my shower. Still love reading the messages

My favorites: Dockatot Solly Wrap Sense2soothe Swaddles (Velcro kind) Smilo brand bottles and pacifiers My Happ brand diaper bags (I got the book bag and the bigger side bag - we travel a lot) Extra bed sheets, and changing pad covers Blankets Owlet Bottle brushes! They break easy! I only wanted 6 bottles total so I never get too lazy to clean! Baby Detergent (it’s expensive!) Cloth diapers!!!! I love them. Graco 4in1 car seat Bouncy seat (easy to go outside/ inside with baby, shower, bathroom) Lotus bath for bathing the baby BOOKS!

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Wish I had this list when I was making my registry! 🤗

Yeah I got really lucky and only had to buy the owlet camera, crib (FB!) and car seat .. everyone else got me all the small and other big things!! The owlet is my favorite thing in the entire baby world. (The camera we just wanted to have to just use one app to monitor it all) but that is like a mental life savor!!

A must have for me was a baby carrier. For sure.

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Any specific brand that you would consider ur favorite?

I got the infantino 4-1 convertible carrier. It was very easy to use and I loved that. It’s an inexpensive one, but I’m sure there are many other great ones if you’re willing to pay a little more. Also, when you’re finished making your amazon registry, send me the link so I can get something for you. I love supporting other mommas. Congratulations, by the way 💐

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