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Anyone have no friends at 50?

Hi ladies I never thought I would say this but how is it becoming 50 and realizing you never had or knew what a real friend was?
Anyone have no friends at 50?
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3 hours ago

I have my husband that's it , it's awful

4 hours ago

I moved away to be near my grandson. Although I had friends back in Toronto and in Ottawa,I don’t have any here . I’m finding it very difficult and lonely. I get to see my grandson and daughter daily, lucky I can but I miss going out with gf’s .

5 hours ago

@Helen I guess if you look at it that way it is better I wouldn’t want anyone to see me like that.

8 hours ago

No friends it's better that way to have no one so when you go into a care home you won't miss anyone

2 days ago


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