ladies i need your help!! 😕

around late december i tested positive. on January 9th i had my first appointment to confirm it and it was POSITIVE. however, i recently went back for a follow up and she told me she saw nothing on both the regular and trans-vaginal ultrasound and that i would be around 7 weeks which is incorrect!! she said unfortunately she has to measure by that time frame of the first day of my last period but my period was irregular from a previous loss and birth control. she also mentioned that by the looks of my pregnancy test i also took there; was super faint, and i most likely had a misscarriage. personally, i feel i am only around 5 weeks & 2 days due to the time i conceived so it’s possible it might’ve been too early to see anything just yet. TODAY, i took a pregnancy test at home and the line again, is super faint.. 😕 i would like second opinions on this for i am so nervous..
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I went today measuring 5w2d, and just saw a little blob on the screen. Not much to really see. Maybe she just missed it? My tests are much darker than that right now though… maybe get a second opinion?

@Maddie i’m making an OBGYN appointment ASAP to get bloodwork done and another ultrasound hopefully 2 weeks from now.. she also mentioned that there was a black area on the screen however she couldn’t tell me whether she thought it was fluid or blood?? if you are around the same time as me, and your lines are much darker perhaps i’m more early on than i thought..

I Hope you get the answers you need I’m also nervous my appointment didn’t go well … my OB called me In because she said I’m low hcg levels for how many weeks I am I’m 6 weeks. She did a ultrasound and blood work again I got to see the baby in the sac but no heartbeat she told me that hopefully next week we can hear the heartbeat and see how your levels are

I had an ultrasound today at 4 weeks 6 days and you could see the gestational sac I would definitely see someone who’s willing to check your hormones and do another trans vaginal scan. It took me crying on the phone to even get this one done bc I wasn’t scheduled until next week but something felt off

At 5 weeks the should be able to see the sack

Yea possibly just too early. I had the same around November. I had two periods within that month. One late December and now i have positive tests that were negative back then. It’s weird because if they go off my period I’ll be 4 weeks and 3 days which is way too early to be detected by a test. Maybe they should try blood work instead

@HyNess yes! i basically had 2 periods in december and i conceived right after it was over on one of my ovulation days. so that’s why i’m more than sure i’m NOT 7 weeks just yet. definitely going in for a blood test 🙏🏽

@Valeria it’s so nerve wracking & i’m sorry about that too! i hope everything goes well mama, i’ll be praying for us 🙏🏽 she mentioned my levels could be low and suggested it was going to be a misscarriage because the line was fainter than the first one i took there. but i just don’t agree with her right now.. i just think i’m too early right now probably 4 weeks. 😖

I went. For my ultrasound last week at 5weeks 2days and they were able to see a sac.. praying everything works out for you hoping you have a sticky baby🤗

@Juliana I hope so this is gonna be my second miscarriage if it doesn’t go good 😞

@Valeria hey valeria, turns out i miss carried 😞 the bleeding started to become red and heavier like a period so i’m sure this is my confirmation 💔 right now i pray that your baby is healthy. we don’t deserve the hurt 🙏🏽

@Juliana awe I’m sorry momma ima find out on my next appointment… take care of yourself drink lots of water and no one deserves this no one it sucks

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