Heart palpitations

Hi, I’m 47 suffering with heart palpitations and many other peri menopause symptoms. I’ve visited my GP twice who won’t prescribe me HRT but has given me Beta Blockers to take while I await a 24h ECG. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar? Thanks
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Yes I have had these during perimenopause. I am now on HRT and they aren't as frequent. Have they tested you for perimenopause? I was borderline and had to insist they give it to me as they wanted to give me antidepressants. I've not been given anything for my heart palpitations. Just have to keen an eye on it.

There is no test for peri it’s the symptoms you present with. Go back to see another GP with your symptoms and nice guidelines. I was on HRT but heart palpitations and other symptoms returned so they’ve changed my HRT. We have to fight for our hormones back which is crazy but true. Good luck 🤞 ♥️

Yes I went to urgent care three times all ok just palpatations had anxiety flushes all perimenooause symptoms had three months off work that bad so asked for hrt. Been in patches two months and loads better

I got put on antidepressants made me so poorly Yo-Yo three months so off now got propranolol to help which it does too

Ignore yo yo lol

I have suffered and have recently had ecg and monitor. They are probably ectopic heartbeats which seem to be quite common with the menopause. I'm on propranolol which help me. Hope this helps.

@Louise that’s what I’ve being prescribed while I wait for 24h ECG x

@Amanda thanks I have been prescribed these also while I wait for ECG

Think this may be linked to the anxiety i test my ECG on my smartwatch and oxygen levels when having a panic attack at home Docs say my bloods are fine I am 49 and feel 99 as all the different issues i am suffering with Its hell and feel i am fading away 😞

@Nikki sending you love, it’s awful isn’t it, I just want to be me again

You will get there. Just don't give up. Keep nagging the Dr. Sending lots of love x

Hi Donna, I’m 54 and started with the perimenopause 10 years ago. I’ve suffered with palpitations and anxiety since then, I’m on HRT, I’ve had the heart monitor which showed I had benign ectopic beats and given propranolol when I have panic attacks. It is rubbish but try and remember this is just your hormones going up and down. Try and look after yourself. X

Yes I’ve had an ecg and wore a holster to monitor my heart. Then a echocardiogram. They didn’t catch any and the scan and my echo was fine. Anyway I’m on 80mg slow release propanalol which has stopped the eptopics, completely fixed my anxiety too and no more headaches!!

@Claire thanks that sounds promising, I have headaches every day. Only on 10mg and not seeing a difference at minute x

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