« Big baby FET IVF »

Went for my 20 weeks scan yesterday and was told that my baby was a « big baby ». Both me and my partner are tall but apparently it is a thing with IVF babies if they are from a frozen transfer. They are going to monitor it quite closely but I wondered if anyone else heard of this? Does that mean I will have to have a C-section?
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I hope it doesn’t mean big babies if FET IVF. My partner is 6ft2 and I’m only 4ft 11! 😅

I'm pregnant with an IVF FET baby but not been told its big 'yet'. If also not heard of this but who knows. I'm 28 weeks now so thin they should start monitoring growth soon.

Hi all, I’m also pregnant with an FET IVF baby although only 18 weeks. Have any of you also been told that you won’t be allowed to go past your due date and will be induced at this stage? I didn’t really want to be induced if i didn’t need to, and just wondered what other people in the same situation had been told x

Yeah I got told that they don’t let ivf babies go over. Something to do with the placenta. X

@Hayley yes I've been told theh don't like you to go over your DD too. They would like to induce you. I've got a call next week with the hospital to discuss this.

Thank you so much everyone - good to know we are all in the same boat x

Mine is ivf baby but from fresh transfer .. and is big!!… but I’m 5”10 and husband 6”6 … was never going to be small 😂 xx

@Sarah this makes me feel better I am 5’9 and my partner 6’4 😂

Maybe they just have more tall people having ivf 🤔😂🤷🏻‍♀️

I heard that size is just an estimate and not always accurate and deviations can be significant. Also having a FET baby with a tall partner 🤣 but havent had my 20 weeks scan yet and nothing so far about mandatory induction.

@Irina keep us updated 🙃

Baby girl has been measuring ahead at all my scans and they said it’s an IVF thing to me. I’ve got my 20 weeks in 2 weeks so I’ll let you know what they say. But funnily enough hubby is also 6’4 haha. Maybe it is a tall thing

I’m the opposite I’m frozen ivf and measuring small :(

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