Feelings while pumping and feeding

Hello!! Does anyone else feels emotional and very low while pumping and breast feeding ? Or is it just me?
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Yes! I feel like a cow. Trying to juggle breastfeeding and pumping while taking care of a newborn alone is no easy task. And all that to get a little time to myself while my husband bottle feeds the babe.

@Penny I feel the same way! It is so draining and makes me cry often and want to give up. And it’s not just during the sessions! Sometimes before that and sometimes I feel like all I do all day is just feeding

Thank you ladies🥲

Yes I feel it. I don’t know if it’s DMER as it’s not always just the first few minutes, sometimes lasts longer… I don’t know if it’s the sitting still that makes me think more but sometimes I’m not even thinking anything just feel sad or dread. Baby is 7 weeks and sometimes it’s enough to make me want to stop breastfeeding. You’re not alone ❤️

I feel that way message me if you wanna talk (:

Ok!! Thank you i will search about it.

I don’t experience myself but I have heard of this - it’s actually medical condition called D-MER where some women feel as you described while breastfeeding. So you are definitely not alone!

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