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Has anyone actually made any friends on here? I seem to match with so many people but no one replies or don’t get past the hi’s and how are yous😂
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I have made a couple of friends locally to me and I chat to a few other mums on here.....Happy to chat if you want some company.

I only made friends with someone I already knew if that makes sense. We kind of knew each other but not enough to know we were both pregnant at the same time until we saw each other on here. When I was pregnant though it turned out load of people I was already friends with (just not close friends) were pregnant too. So ended up reconnecting with those friends through maternity leave. X

I did but it was all whilst pregnant and most of them ignore the app now

Yeah someone people don't even respond I can't be bothered anymore 🤣🤣

Yes, I introduced the friends I met and we do classes together & have a WhatsApp group

I’ve had a few longer conversations and met up with one who I still go to baby classes with, I’m not too far from you (Doncaster) if you wanted to chat x

I met a few ladies on here who I met up with 3 or 4 times but then it just dwindled out. However those meet ups definitely saved my sanity and got me out and about whilst my LO was a little younger. I’ve met more friends via bump and baby group and baby classes who I’ve been friends with for 9 months and we see each other once a week and have a whatsapp group ☺️

Made a wonderful friend on here from when our babies were about 3 months old ❤️ xx

Met up with a few people on the local group on here. Haven't seen them for a while but should probably try to make contact again. Xx

I’ve got a wonderful friend though this app and she met another girl in her neighborhood that she’s walking with frequently. I’m a strong believer you gotta meet in person right away otherwise the conversation dies quickly cause both of you are busy

Yeaah I have made a friend who I speak to most days& her son and my son share the same birthday and were both premature x

@Genia this is so true!!

@Jade right?!? I just think what’s the point now 😂

@Daisy always happy for a chat 🤍

@Genia yeah absolutely!

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