Mommas! Can you please share your experience with red raspberry leaf tea (brand, how many cups to drink at what time), pineapple, dates etc

Any suggestion of which week you started taking these, and how many cups and what time of the day etc would be of great help! Do you think these worked/helped your labour? First time mum to be, so super nervous
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I drank raspberry leaf tea from around 33 weeks, I had one cup a day and then increased to two cups a day around 36 weeks. A friend who ended up giving birth at home because it all happened so quick swore it was the tea that helped so I gave it a go. Obviously there is no way of knowing if it really does help with labour but I also had a really quick labour, I was 10cm dilated when I walked into hospital and gave birth an hour later with no pain relief. I definitely think the tea helps and there’s no negatives to it so worth a try, I didn’t particularly like the taste so I would just wait until it had cooled down a bit and then chug it down. Just to be clear because many people get this wrong- raspberry leaf tea is to strengthen and ripen the cervix to help with labour once it happens, it is not to induce labour.

Thanks so much Lisa, very helpful! Which brand tea did you use?

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