4 months ago

Any of your toddlers potty trained? How is it going?

My boy was gently potty trained starting in the summer and then gradually going into his bday when I decided to take nappy off entirely and gave it a go. He done amazing, no accidents home, about, nursery nor even on holiday we went on Christmas. But after that it’s an accident after another. He has just stopped telling us he needs a wee or a poo and just does it silently in the corner (in pants) and then cries out? He use to go toilet himself with no prompting. Any ideas what the hell is going on?
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3 months ago

We’ve just started but it’s touch and go- more good timing than anything on our side so I don’t have much input. If there’s been any big changes in the home that can usually affect things and cause regression but otherwise he might just be too engrossed in what he’s doing and forgets to go?

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