2 months ago

I’m very independent!🤷🏽‍♀️

One of my biggest secrets of being an only is also one of the scariest for most sibling relationships: being an only child I got so used to being alone, and I have developed an independent streak that makes me stand out. I’m not demanding but I expect my kindness reciprocated or I quickly withdraw… I found out that is not the case with sibling relationships… What do guys think about this?
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last month

@Adelaida yes I am the same I put in a lot of thought in maintaining my relationships so it’s gets complicated… lol

2 months ago

I agree....I have great difficulty maintaining friendships with those whom I perceive to not put forth as much effort into the relationship. I admittedly have high expectations for those I chose to call friends; otherwise, you are simply an acquaintance in my mind. I never really correlated it to being an Only, but I suppose I can see some rationale to it

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