She's here

My baby girl arrived a week today! Gave birth in the car in the car park lol. Xx
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omg she’s adorable! congrats! 💕

Thank you 2 days earlie! Family compleate xx


Congratulations. And wow what a story to tell when she's older 🤣

Yes was a great story to be told. A very quick exit was made.also a lovely surprise being a girl after 2 boys b4 xx

IN THE CAR PARK!!! You must call her Cara

Oh my goodness, what an entrance! Congratulations x

Haha that's a good name Stephanie. I didn't think of that! She's our little Evie tho. I've a Freddie and a teddie so I wanted something to go with them! Looks like it's a girl year aswell. Xxx

All well and recovered great. My partner went back to work today after a week! So now it's time for me to get into routine and back to the school runs xx

Congratulations xx

Wow! Well done!! Congratulations x

Congratulations x

@Stephanie haaaaaaaaa stap it not cara 🤣🤣🤣

Congratulations!!!! And yes you must tell us the story

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