2 months ago

Patch not staying put

So I’ve been in HRT now for approx 6 months after 2/12 years of hell, I actually thought I was loosing my mind until a friend suggested I might be peri, turns out I defo was and I’m now on patches and tablets, however, have problems trying to keep the patch on, I have it on my buttock area but if I have a night sweat (which have died down loads but I still have them sporadically) it falls off, I know I can’t use cello tape or glue so any ideas will be greatly received, thanks all
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last month

Thank you Laura will defo give it a try 🤞

2 months ago

I am on a hormone patch and I put it on my stomach. Mine stays on there better than my buttocks. I just make sure I put it low enough that it is covered by my panties because if I put it higher on my stomach, the elastic on my panties will rub on it and the edge of the patch peels up. Not sure if your night sweats affect your stomach area, but it works better there for me. 🤷‍♀️

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