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My little one is 6 months and she’s been eating purée since 5 months. She’s great with a pre loaded spoon and will bring it to her mouth and swallow no problem. I’m currently trying her on BLW with the approval of our doctor. She has a mix of purée and solids at meal times. She’s been great at picking up the solids and bringing them to her mouth. But she’s bitting off one piece and then she’s not sure what to do with the food in her mouth. It either falls out her mouth with her drool or she mouths it around and then stares at me like she doesn’t know what to do with it. I’ve been eating with her at meal times so she can watch me chew my food but still no luck with her chewing what’s in her mouth. It’s making me nervous that maybe she thinks she just needs to swallow. Any advice?
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They're learning to map their mouth and how to use their tongue. Totally normal. They still have a tongue thrust reflex at this age so they will push stuff out with their tongue. Keep trying they will eventually figure out what to do ☺️

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