2 months ago

Postpartum hair loss

Anybody else absolutely terrified of the amount of hair they are losing?! My hair is ALL over the house and coming out in clumps when I wash or brush it. I have quite thick hair normally but the amount that is coming out has me so paranoid i look for bald spots everyday! Any remedies? I have started applying rosemary oil and praying it helps!
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last week

Less than 6 months ago, I was done with feeling ashamed and having low confidence due to my hair loss, so I went on a hunt for effective products. I swear by Monat!!!! I am obsessed with the products! I also love that they are clean, non toxic, vegan, animal cruelty free, plant and oil based and clinically tested! I would be happy to chat further with anyone and share before/after pictures!

last month

It’s terrible 🫣 I am also afraid to wash my hair! My hair is everywhere in the house! I hate pregnancy but my hair was so much better and didn’t fall out even once then 😩

2 months ago

I managed to clog the shower drain washing my hair this morning, it’s absolutely horrendous

2 months ago

Me too! Scared each time I go to wash my hair. It's just crazy 😔 any recommendations on the type of rosemary oil that your using?

2 months ago

Me too! It started about a week ago, I'm shocked at the amount that comes out in the shower and when I brush my hair. Apparently it's normal but I hate it

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