Pre school immunisation

My sons due his pre school injection in February has one decided not to give it to their child? I don’t know what to do 😭 don’t want to put him through all that if he doesn’t really need it
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Immunisations are so important to keeping him and other children safe!! My daughter is due hers too and although she doesn’t enjoy them, prepping her for it and explaining the process has worked calm her nerves for all injections so far, even her 1 year ones! You are within your right to not give it to him, but please look into both sides of it, unvaccinated children are not safe from serious illnesses!

I’m not looking forward to it but will definitely take my son for his.‘they’re all vaccines they’ve already had so the chances of reactions are very slim. Children with health conditions which make them unable to be vaccinated and are therefore vulnerable rely on other kids being vaccinated to keep them safe

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