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Quick question.. is it normal for ur work bf/gf to be texting u all day n night outside of working hours? Like I get they’re friendly and really kick it but like to text all night until bedtime & then again from first thing in morning and it’s just flirty fun light convos all in the name of banter? So this is obvs ab my husband n his work gf whom I’ve never met n he claims she’s not work gf she’s just a friend/colleague. But last night they said their goodnights past midnight and then an hour or two after she text him again saying “hey I know you’re asleep rn but I have a real life crush on you 🫣” he responded in the morning saying “oh my altho u have me thinking of u day n night we can’t let nothing evolve” “even tho we’re doing such a bad job of it” Is this normal like am I just really backward n prude or this like normal behavior now? I haven’t worked in 5yrs raising this guys family! I’ve had work husband before but we only friendly n chatty at work we hung out at work dos etc but not otherwise?
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Yeah that’s not normal!! A text every once in awhile sure, but the whole idea of a work bf/gf is that is that it’s a person they chat with at work, not 24/7

Right! Thankyou I thought it was odd but he’s making me out to be really paranoid n crazy because this is “platonic” - I don’t think this is my idea of platonic but again am I out of touch or something 😩

Having a real life crush is not platonic. And an answer of you have me thinking of you night and day is not platonic

Doesn't sound platonic and def not normal/healthy for someone in a serious relationship to be doing 😳

Omg I didn’t even know you guys commented! Thankyou so much for ur responses I’m glad I’m not being the pyscho he likes to tell me I am over this! I agree no one of it is platonic and he’s causing so much harm to our marriage but I don’t even know how to approach him re this because he’s just gonna flip it around n moan that I’ve broke his trust by going thru his fone! There’s so many other things that go into this and I just don’t know what to even do anymore at this point

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