Help! When did you get a period after Nexplannon removal?

I got my implant taken out on 4th January as myself and my partner would like to start trying for a baby. I still haven’t had a period now after a month and a half? I got a positive ovulation test on 30th January, and then I had a couple hours of spotting on 4th February but apart from that I’ve had nothing. I’m now what I think is 12dpo and I took a test just incase and it was negative? We only BD once during my fertile period as I was told to wait for at least 1 period before TTC to let my hormones regulate but that period seems to never be coming? When did you get your first period after removal?
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I had mine taken out on the 10th of January, had my period on the 4th of February. I’m pretty sure I ovulated around the 18th/19th of January I had clear stringy discharge. I’m not ttc though x

@Adaysia everyone seems to have been getting periods within a month of having theirs taken out and I’ve not had one in a month and a half! I’m starting to get worried. Did you have periods while you had your implant in?

@Amy my periods were sooo irregular and I’d bleed for up to 2 weeks when they came. I’d say I had a period every other month. I was worried that my period wasn’t coming and I think all the worrying made it start

@Adaysia see I had a couple of periods in the 9 months I had it in but they were about every second month or so. Yes I’ve been so worried for the past 2 weeks for a period and it just seems to never be turning up. I’ve had such bad cramps the past couple days and it just doesn’t seem to be coming x

@Amy you could possibly ovulate without a period I read online maybe try ovulation strips that’s might help, I’m not trying to conceive so I haven’t been overly fussed about it all, sending you baby dust x

@Adaysia yes I was taking ovulation tests hence why I know I ovulated around about 1st feb as I got a positive test strip on 30th January x

Hi. I had mine removed Nov 10th, and my period came Dec 6th. But I always bled every month the 5 years I had the implant. I am now ttc.

@Bri everyone I’ve spoke to has gotten periods within a month after removal and I’m now s month n a half with no period in sight

@Amy that's so interesting. When was your last period when your implant was in? And how long did it last?

I got periods every 2 months mostly and it was in October for about 5 days. I was due another in January but I just guessed I missed it due to getting it taken out

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