Help! My little one won't take naps

Anyone have any advice to help my 2 month old take naps during the day. Some days he will sleep most of the day and other days I’m lucky if he takes an hour nap all day long until bedtime.
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Create a structured routine, feed, burp, change, play/sing, read. Its still pretty early but it will happen. Each baby is unique and will adjust on there own speed. You are doing great!!

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My 3 month old is the same way. Some days she’s sleeps like an angel. And the others it’s like she forgets what sleep even is! Those are the days where I go out for a drive or walk around a store or something. She has gotten a little better and I tho k it’s because I have a pretty good routine with her. But some days it just doesn’t work.

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Does she get fussy when she won’t nap?? Or is she just wide awake and curious??

She will be fussy. Unless I take a car ride or go to the store. Then she is either wide awake looking around or asleep. There has been a couple days lately where that want even work and she’ll still cry the whole time. Drives me crazy!

Hi!! I also have a 2 month old and what I do is the eat play sleep method. He eats..I let him play for 30-60 mins (tummt time etc) and then I swaddle him and he drifts off to sleep. I think he wears himself out! You can google the method. Hope this helps!!

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Right a set everyday schedule! I like that method. My babies just naturally sleep well thru the night & daytime.

You are so lucky they’re good sleepers! Lol I feel like my baby is just so curious to what everything is around him he doesn’t want to nap😣

Get your baby on a schedule. From morning to night. Mommas sleep is really important. Newborns can be tuff sometimes lol

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He’s just so unpredictable! Lol as soon as I think I got down what soothes him, what time he gets sleepy, or how long his nap will be, bam! The very next day he’s like a different baby who doesn’t like the way he was soothed to sleep one day or doesn’t like to be in his bouncer another day. It’s like I’m constantly having to figure out what is going to work for him that day. And it’s so hard because I’m such a routine/organized person and he won’t get on any day routine. Only for bedtime he has his routine/sleep habits that have been the same pretty much since he was born.

Ooooh m geeeeee!! This is EXACTLY how it went w my son. People kept saying, don’t worry, it gets better.... blah blah blah .. I’m about 6 months....” Yeah- I thought that I’d have already died by the time he was 6 months. BUT THEY DO BEGIN TO REGULATE A BIT STARTING AT THE 3 MONTH MARK (I wanted to kiss the floor when I started to see the smallest bit of improvement) ADVICE: 1. Accept that no matter how uncomfortable things are, they will in fact change and each day you’re getting closer to changes in a more suitable direction (ie linger sleep) 2.Before you know it your LO will feel your tension so please do anything needed to keep your sanity. It will be hard AF, BUT in about 30 more days you’ll see change. 3. DONT. TRY. TO. GET. ANYTHING. “DOWN”. You will certainly drive yourself craaaaaazy. Go w THEIR flow until they begin to have some normalcy in their needs. It may seem strange but sleep when they do and don’t when they don’t.

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