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  • 5 months ago

Fertility journey

Has anyone else struggled with fertility? Any tips you can share on how you made it through? Read this article the other day. Hard topic, but this woman has a lot of grace and strength. https://www.popsugar.com/family/How-I-Cope-Disappointment-Infertility-45942645
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I have endometriosis and we struggled for 9 years and I was told I would never concieve. We used a CBD/THC tinature during intercourse once and BAM !!!

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If you dont have any diagnosed fertility issues, then the best way to get pregnant is to track your cycles. It took us 3 years of trying, but only 2 months after I started using the Glow app, and checking my cervix and discharge. Knowing your body is the main key to getting pregnant. Cervix position and firmness, and the texture and color of your discharge can tell you when you are most fertile/ovulate along with tracking your cycle days.

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Read online somewhere something weird about taking mucinex during a fertile period to try and get pregnant. It is a mucus thinner but also works for thinning cervical mucus oddly enough making it easier to get pregnant. I haven’t tried it but I thought it was worth mentioning!

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Hey honey please promise me that you will never ever blame yourself! S@#*t happens! And to the best of us! In fact both myself and my sister in law were going through it at the same time! Ironically I am a high risk labour and delivery RNCII and work with fertility moms and babes all the time! The clinic I had to go to was my work lol!

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We tried for three years to get our little. We tried IUI 2x but my body didn’t respond the the meds. So we went the IVF route. It’s too expensive in CA so we traveled to New Directions in Gilbert, AZ for 1/2 the price AND he has better outcomes than the doctor I was going to in SD.

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