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In my TTC journey, the results of many tests have said that I don’t ovulate. I have been prescribed meds to try to induce both periods and ovulation. So far nothing. I am now waiting for my consultation appointment in March with the fertility clinic. So I had not had a period (naturally, without meds) since November 2021. And then this week, spontaneously, my period arrived on its own! So it makes me wonder what the next while means. I don’t have many people around me who understand the difficulties that comes with infertility. And this feels like something that requires some celebration, even though it may be small.
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Yay! Congratulations! Yes every small gain is a step

Hello! Are you taking ovasitol or have you heard of it at all? It is extremely useful in regulating cycles & ovulation. Please look into it. You can get it on amazon. Best of luck!

Hope it's a good sign and the first of many more victories for you to celebrate. We now have a 17 day old girl after 6 yrs of fertility challenges. We used donar eggs from Czech. Clinic in prague was great.

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