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I feel as though every working mama I know has somehow successfully negotiated one day of the week to work remotely. I would love to do the same but my office culture is all about “being there.” can anyone share their tips on how to ask (and succeed!) without looking like a slacker?
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So I’m a financial strategist and me and some women in the area are creating a group. We know there are two industries that make more millionaires than any other industry. The first is real estate and the second is network marketing, ironically the two industries I was always told to stay away from by friends and family. But I didn’t listen and I have already mastered real estate and helped make other millionaires in that system. But now me and a group of women are out to prove it can be done in the second industry too. Network marketing. We also know that the majority of millionaires in network marketing are women, this is because they form tribes of support for each other. So we have sat down and researched the absolute best system in the industry to make this happen with a product that attracts everyone and sells itself. I’d love to tell you more if you are interested in joining the tribe...?

I actually struck a deal where I bring my son with me. I hired a mommys helper to help hold him while I get work done. But I’m around him all day. It’s a nice mix

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You might also try to do 4 longer days and actually rest on the fifth day.

I'm just now going back to work and i am so nervous and excited all at once 😂

I switched jobs after going back to an inflexible job after maternity leave. The company I switched to has a great culture of work-life balance and that was a big draw that made me want to work there. I work from home one day a week, as do many of my coworkers.

I definitely agree with the comments above by Michelle! Prep is everything, and a trial run is a perfect way to start negotiating. Personally, I need to set up a home office with a strict ‘no kids’ in here rule, and carve out time to be sure I can actually dedicate time for working. It was a hard transition, but over time has become much easier. It is hard to be home and not be in ‘Mom mode’ and for your kids to see ‘Mom is home’.

Preparation is everything. You need to anticipate what your employer is going to say is the downside to your proposal, and have an answer. I would then be looking to explain how you plan to structure your week, and why your flexible working will have no impact on that structure. Are there any other examples in your company of successful flexible working? If not at your company, at compatible companies? Case studies are always really helpful for companies who are inexperienced but want to help. Ask for a trial period?

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Cut off! Ask for a trial, so you can see how you get on? Asking for flexible working is absolutely nothing to do with being a slacker!! Erase that thought from your mind ❤️

I’m a teacher, not an option for me.

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