7 months ago


LO was 17m on February 17th.. He weighs 22lb(perhaps close to 23, hard to get a weight at home) and is 29" tall. He was 21lb on his first birthday and hasn't been putting on weight as quickly as this age, which is normal I know.. Also he's constantly on the go so burning more calories. Hasn't lost weight. Doctors have said he is staying in track with his growth chart and they aren't worried. He was 7lb 2oz when born. My niece is just about to turn a year and far surpasses him in weight and height! It's almost comical when they're side by side. Does anyone else have a petite baby this age??
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6 months ago

Dont compare your child with others. Every child is different and if their growing curve is consistent and your doctor has no concerns you should not be concerned at all.

7 months ago

Every baby is different as long as the doctor isnt worried your okay

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