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My son's dad took me to court last year for visitation right and that entails him getting following spring break, more time in the summer, and the extra day he's out of school around his dad's weekend like president's day. He has either sent my child back couple days early , not gotten him at all, and I have messages of him stating these. But spring break is coming up and he doesn't want to deal with all of my sons appointments he has ( he has speech two days a week, therapy one day, another Therapy Program three days a week, supposed to start occupational therapy twice a week this week, and not to mention baseball practice three to five times a week during break. ) This parenting plan went into place on July 7th 2022, he has not held up his end of his parenting time at all and he admitted to me that he only did it for child support purposes. I do have enough proof to take it back to mediation and get Dad's time revoked to him admitting he can't handle the extra time. My question is has any other Mama been through this and if you have how did it go? Because I don't want to go back in front of Judge Erwin if mediation doesn't fall through like I'm hoping it does. Not seeking judgment and if you're going to be judgmental please go on, I'm just asking on if anybody's been through this and how to help.
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I would say document all of that and my experience with court is to always have all your evidence ready and organized. It goes a lot better. Also make three copies of everything, one copy for you, one for the judge, and one for the other party. In my opinion they would probably revise how much time he is getting since he isn’t taking all he is offered. Then if say in a year he does it again and you take him back to court again then they can say well this time you aren’t doing it again and it would be his second time in court. That would not go well for him. Hope you get what is best for you and your kiddos!

Thank you!

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