Cramping after Letrozole

Hello there, hoping someone has experienced this before and can give some more insight. So I am in the process of my 2nd IUI. Last one was a failed attempt in October 2022. Last time they put me on Clomid for 5 days, but because I had a bad headache while on it they switched me to Letrozole this time. I took Letrozole last week from Monday to Friday. Mild side effects but nothing major. However, yesterday and today I've been experiencing cramping. My follicle scan isn't until Wednesday with the IUI hopefully happening on Thursday. I'm concerned that maybe coming off the Letrozole is causing early ovulation or something. Thoughts? Has anyone else experienced cramping a few days after stopping Letrozole? I can't find anything on good old Google about it.
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Hi there! I took Letrozole CD 3-7 and experiencing cramping most of the time and was also worried about early ovulation but when I look an easy@home OPK the LH values were low. When I went in for my follicle scan on CD 12 they said mine was good size (18-20mm) and so I did the trigger shot that night and had IUI morning of CD 14. I would take a look at your OPK and see how you are tracking that way, those tests are surprisingly good indicators.

I wasn't tracking with OPK so maybe I should do that next time. They moved up my appt from Wednesday to tomorrow. So I suppose we shall see? Thanks for commenting :)

Good luck!!! 🤞🏼🤞🏼 No prob

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