Hating bath time/washing hair

My 3.5 year daughter absolutely loses her mind when it comes to bath time and washing her hair. She initially started hating it around 1.5/2 years old but then she seemed to have grown out of it and she was ok but now she’s doing it again and even worse than before! She gets so worked up screaming and crying that she sometimes gags/vomits or has an accident in the bath. I dread every bath time and it’s exhausting for us both! Has anyone else experienced this at all? Or around this age? I feel like we have tried everything but any advice/ideas greatly received!
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You can try washing it every three days. It’s quite common. My daughter hates even getting the hair ties out of her hair. You can try giving her an iPad to watch or playing music

I've personally never experienced anything like that except the crying cause my daughter that is 6 doesn't like her hair washed since water gets in her face. But maybe get some bath bombs and a bubble maker to make it fun.

My daughter used to hate the hair washing bit, admittedly has always liked the actual bath.. not showers. She has a sea themed non slip mat and a shed load of toys. But for the hair washing, I bought a load of face flannels in fun colours and she holds one over her eyes when I am washing her hair. She still goes nuts if a drop goes near her eye but generally all ok. I never do bribery just try to convince her that her ‘special towels’ will protect her eyes! Good luck!

My daughter hates having her hair washed because she's scared it'll get into her eyes. I tend to give her a rolled up hand towel to put over her eyes and make her tilt her head back so the towel catches any drops before they get in her eyes. This has helped loads with her, so maybe try something like that? Good luck!

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