Did anyone have a “dye stealer” pregnancy test?

AKA—the test line on your pregnancy test was so bold and strong it took dye from the control line. The control line was fainter than the test line on both my tests. I have no idea how far along I am though and am still waiting for my blood test results and ultrasound. If you had this, how far along were you when you got this result? I thought when I was testing that I was only 4 weeks, but now based off what I’m reading I think I could have been (could be) further or even crazier… twins😳
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I have 4 weeks! And yes so bold and showed up right away!

@Bri good to hear thanks for replying!!! We’re you confirmed that you were 4 weeks? Have u had an ultrasound yet I’m nervous of twins being a possibility

Yes, with my first two my pregnancy tests were never like that. However this current one I’m 9 weeks and found out around week 4 and it was super dark!! But they only seen one baby. Lol I was thinking the same though. 🥰 congratulations! ♥️

@Karina this is reassuring! Thanks

I think I was around 4 1/2 weeks when I had a dye stealer!

I had my first dye stealer at 15dpo. So just after 4 weeks. Definitely was convinced it was twins lol but they only saw one gestational sac at my 5 week appointment. We go back Tuesday and hopefully we see more inside the sac!

I did with my first pregnancy! I didn’t test after the one test with this one so I don’t know if this one would’ve been as well, but at 14dpo the second line showed up extremely fast, faster than the control line almost so who knows!

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