Any single moms here dealing with inconsistency with child’s dad. My bd gets our daughter once a week due to court orders and my daughter will call him asking if she will go over and he’ll tell her “yes” hours go by and he doesn’t answer calls or text so now I have my daughter sad asking me if she can go to dads. I felt horrible so I took her out for lunch and bought her a toy to keep her mind off everything and it broke me so much I cried the ride. Sorry I just wanted to vent. 😞
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It’s such a tough situation. Document everything though! Every single missed visitation. Keep text messages. Have your proof, so that if you ever need it you’ve got it. As far as your daughter is concerned… not telling her plans can help. Make sure that you never say anything bad about him to her. My go-to line was “I don’t know why he didn’t answer the phone, maybe he’s at work” She’s 15 now, and this started when she was 4. It doesn’t get any easier though… she’ll ask about him less and less, until the day comes and it turns into childhood trauma. Mine is in therapy now because of a father that couldn’t be bothered.

So sorry for your baby.. My advice is to not tell her about the plans. I’d tell her as he was parking to get her.

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