So I posted a bit ago( maybe 3 months) about vocabulary and talking. Well, I’ve done 3 sessions ( once a week every other week) with a speech pathologist through the county ( free) and she only provided a couple strategies during our initial meeting to try. The session or whatever you want to call them are basically 45 mins in our home interacting with my son or watching him play and talk etc. really nothing formal and not too hands on. I get it’s supposed to be more of a guidance type thing to steer me in the right direction, but each time we meet he’s increased his word count a lot ( all my hard work not hers) and has begun using 2 word phrases as she suggested to practice. Well, 2 weeks ago at our last session she stated he can begin working on 2 word phrases with familiar words he says already to get him started and then build from there. I spoke up and said that’s what she mentioned in session 2 and we’ve already been working on it. Is it just me or will it be redundant from here on out and a waste of my time? We meet again tomorrow morning and if I don’t get any new feedback, I may need to tell her we may not continue unless more is being done or her end. I want what’s best for my son, yet don’t feel it is doing much at all at this point. The plan was to continue until early July to meet his goal and we are practically there already thanks to myself. I’m a former teacher of over a decade and my background is early childhood. So I have techniques, tricks, and fun ways to incorporate stuff as is and just wanted him to catch up a bit since he wasn’t saying much at the time. He’s literally gone from about 25 words in early January to at least 80 at the moment, I’ve checked off the words on the list I was provided and added others that weren’t included. I feel that’s a huge jump in only 2 months and I’ve been working my a** off daily with him. Plus, in only a week of trying to get used to the potty and not be afraid of it to sit and practice/try he decided he was ready! Once he got over the fear after a few times sitting and realizing it wasn’t bad or scary he’s practically trained to pee!!! I mean he still wets the diaper during nap and such, but he asks to go pee, physically goes daily ( last 10 days) and went from 1-2 times the first 3 days , to going 3-5 times the remainder of the days so far! I’m so excited he’s finding his confidence with his speech now and shows interest in potty training as well. Obviously just pee for now, but that’s a huge deal in our house and for a boy! Sorry for the long rant! Any others go through anything similar with either speech or potty training?
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If you don’t feel like you need the help because of your qualifications then trust yourself and your child. I know children are not all the same. I was. Made to feel that it was “weird” my son was still babbling at 18 months and not using two word phrases but he just took off. One day and is not talking really well at 28 months old and getti better everyday without intervention. I think just because she’s not introducing “new techniques” it doesn’t mean she’s being lazy or something of the sort. Maybe insistence in this area over a longer period is what is supposed to make a big difference? I don’t k owe! But trust your instincts and I’m sure you will figure out what’s right for your little one!

First off, congratulations on your hard work. We received early intervention services for my niece and what you are describing is how ECI works. The therapist is only a guide and they are there to guide us, it is our job to learn from them and then we become the therapists at home. Typically the things they work on are the same for a few months until there is a new evaluation for the kid, so we also received repetitive “homework” at times. We used a board to keep track of the goals and we would review it when she was over and would receive fresh ideas. I would definitely communicate your concerns and hopefully come up with a solution. Communication is so important. Our time with ECI was helpful, vocabulary increased so much every single week because we worked so hard with her. Even after our autism diagnosis language kept exploding. I hope it works out!

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