What’s everyone favourite drink?

Mines echo falls - summer berries
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I getting old, it use to be merlot/ good quality zinfandel but i love port👵🏿 Spirit.. Drambuie (i have a sweet tooth)

Aww I love summer berries! My favourite has to be Pink Moscato though

Barefoot pinot Grigio Baileys Tia Maria

@Regina Moscato, Aldi use to do a beautiful one 😍

Just seen this is a Wine lovers group that for some reason I’m not yet a member of😆🤦🏻‍♀️ so Barefoot pinot Grigio for me

19 crimes red 19 crimes sauv block

Barefoot Pink Moscato 😍

Normally I’m a rose wine but I don’t mind the gallo spritz pineapple 😍

Barefoot Pink moscato 😍

Also just seen this group that I have never seen before. Currently cooking tea with a nice glass of Pinot - defo my drink of choice!! 🥂

Barefoot white Zinfandel Pink gin and tonic with strawberries…as I’m writing this in bed I’m thinking I would love one right now!

pinot grigio or a Chardonnay. 😊🥰

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