Heavy toddler?!

My daughter will be 2 in a few weeks and weighs around 14kgs. She's always been in the 98th percentile for both height and weight. I'm always concerned by her weight, especially when she's with others her own age. We have only ever given her healthy foods and try hard to avoid any foods with added sugar and salt. I know I shouldn't compare but she's so much drastically heavier than other toddlers! Has anyone else gone through the same?
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My LO is two in May and almost 18kg, all kids grow differently. I was big for my age until everyone else caught up - stock to feeding her healthy and just try remember others will catch up. 💕

My 20 month old is 15kg... all kids are different!

Thank you girls 🥺 it's always been a worry and I'm relieved to hear she's not alone. She's a beautiful and busy little girl. It's so good to hear from others that its no concern

She's so gorgeous and those long beautiful legs 😍 Thank you for that. My girls dad has aboriginal heritage and that's where her heaviness comes from. Genetics play such a large role. My daughter has the cutest and roundest pop belly. Always makes me laugh when she's finished a meal 😂

My daughter will be 3 in may she weighs just over 14kgs my son who is 10 months weighs the same as her all bubbas are different

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